TacticalBoards: Soccer

TacticalBoards: Soccer is one of the most useful coaching applications available for coaches. It provides a suite of all of the things that any coach would want to create and have access to with an iPad/mobile device. It also has a desktop/laptop application to enable you to manage you team/squad wherever you are.

Core Features


The easy to navigate dashboard is a centralized location for managing all your teams, players, training sessions and match reports.

Team Line-ups

Easily manage your starting line-up and formation in a visual format that can be shown to the players.

Player Management

Keep records and statistics on all your players. Using the match reporting function to code the game will automatically update the players statistics.

Player Reports

Complete Game Reports for your players – these will be stored in the players profile for further reference.

Training Exercises and Tactics

Create training exercises and game tactics and save them to session plans or game plans. Both of which can be saved into the Calendar for easy reference.

Game Coding

In game coding unable the user to easily report everything that goes on in a game and translates it into player and team statistics.









Available From

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Available from the Apple App Store


Available from Google Play