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Core Features


Using applications to collect relevant data.


Examining the data using applications.


Using applications to improve the performance of your players.

In an ever changing game, we as coaches should always be looking to embrace that change. The game is faster, the players are different and technology has the power to improve the way we develop players.

There has been a significant rise in the amount of application that a coach may use – but it is important to remember that it should support you and not result in a decrease in output. By this we mean – if you spend the whole of a game collecting data on an App then you end up not actually coaching the game.

Find something that works for YOUR NEEDS and only helps to improve what you offer as a coach. We have taken a look at a few applications and shared our thoughts below.

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App Reviews

TacticalBoards Soccer

Tactical Soccer
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After Action

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Tactical Pad

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Scouting System Pro

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My Football Coach

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