Players are constantly being scrutinized, face defeat and are told that they are not good enough. So what is the best way to react?

Let’s take a moment to examine the story of Harry Kane. As a youngster he was never a standout player, but was good enough to be kept in the Tottenham Hotspur Academy as he grew up. This is where a crucial turning point is met.

Harry was not good enough to break into the Tottenham first team and so he was sent to lower league teams to gain more experience. Now, this is where one of 2 things can happen.

1- Harry realizes that he is only good enough to play at this level and so he settles into this acceptance and works hard enough to stay at this level.

2- Harry decides that these times at the lower league teams are an opportunity to improve! He works hard at every moment, he asks questions, he looks to improve on his weaknesses and he returns to Tottenham a much better player.

Well, as most of you already know – it was number 2 that happened and in just 4 short years Harry has gone from being a substitute in a lower league team to the joint leading scorer in the English Premier League for Tottenham Hotspurs and the first choice stricter for the England National Team!

So, why is this post titled ‘Mindset’. The simple answer is that Harry possesses a growth mindset and realizes that he is responsible for his own success and so takes it upon himself to learn and develop despite setbacks!

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