Coaching Moments

Attention to Detail

When considering any ‘coaching moment’ they can be broken down further in to 4 categories;

  • Position – This relates to the position on the field, the position of team mates, the player themselves and the opponents.
  • Moment – This relates to the moment of the action – too early, too late etc.
  • Direction – This relates to the direction of the action – behind the player, into their path, front foot/back foot.
  • Speed – This relates to the speed of the action.

An example is provided in relation to an attempted ball played from the center midfielder to the wide midfielder;

Position – Is the wide midfielder in a position to receive the ball? Are there opponents in the way?

Moment – Can the CM release the ball wide at the right time in order to put the ball into the WM path?

Direction – Is it played to the front foot in order to initiate the attack? Is it played to the back foot – slow the game down and make the wide fielder play back.

Speed – Is the ball delivered quick enough to avoid interception?

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