Have a Plan!

Have a Plan!

Fiorentina Football

I recently attended a talk by Professor Vergine of the ACF Fiorentina Academy. What was striking was the strict rules and science that are in place for the process of player development. The attention to detail for every training session was so specific with everything broken down to ensure that it was meeting the needs of the players while adhering to the overall plan they had for development.

The biggest thing that I took away from is to have a plan that is accountable. It may be a common assumption but it is vital to have a season plan for your training and know specifically what you intend to cover for each session. However – do you have something in place to ensure that you and your coaches are working to the plan, but more importantly – it is being successful. Ultimately you need to check it is working!

Skills testing is one such method to test the development of the players and effectiveness of the training plan. We should also consider reviewing the season plan every 5-8 weeks to ensure that it is meeting the needs of your players and challenging them at the appropriate level!

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