Encode Success

Encode Success

How often have you been coaching a player incorrectly performs a skill at a certain instance, you stop it and you coach them and have them perform the skill correctly? At first glance – you may think that you have successfully coached the situation. At closer glance we see that the player has the coding for the incorrect performance and the coding for the correct performance in equal amounts.

Therefore, when the same situation occurs again it is a 50/50 chance that the correct performance will occur and we must change this. Rewind to the coaching moment and if we go over and reinforce the performance 4 or 5 times by having the player complete the skill 4 or 5 times correctly we have put that coding into a favorable position. Thus, the next time the situation occurs, it is far more likely that the corrected performance will occur. It is a simple concept but has so much practical application to coaching!

These and many other great theories are offered by the fantastic book ‘Practice Perfect’  by Doug Lemov. To get hold of a copy, click on the image below.

This and other recommended books can be found at our Books To Read section.

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