1v1 Skill Training

1v1 Skill Training

Watch this video. It is an interview with René Meulensteen (Manchester United First Team Coach) and he discuss the use of 1v1 training, and in particular the training of Manchester United star Nani.

If you are viewing this on a mobile device and cannot see the video – please click the following link; http://performance.fourfourtwo.com/technique/play-like-nani

What is interesting is that most coaches will run their 1v1 training in straight lines – but as Rene puts it, that isn’t realistic to the game.

Therefore I have provided a basic exercise you can do with you players that incorporates this and therefore helps them train at a more game realistic practice.

1v1 From Different Angles

1v1 From Different Angles Session

-4 players in a 15×15 yard area.

-The ball is played in to one side and that player moves to the ball and attacks the defender on the opposite side.

-Once the ball is taken over the line – or won by the defender and taken over the opposite line then the players take up position on their new line.

-The player with the ball then plays it in at an angle to one of the 2 waiting players who repeat the exercise.

-Try to create momentum in the exercise in order to ensure players are not stationary for long.

Coaching Points;

-Move to the ball at speed.

-Be aware of the angle of approach of the defender.

-Control the ball accordingly – tight, into space, away from the defender.

-Use feints and dribbling moves to beat your opponent.

-Drive away from the defender at speed.

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