Bad pass? Is it really? What we say is important!

A recent training session that focused on possession play involved the constant switching of defenders based upon the turn-over of the ball. I found myself on few occasions saying the following ‘bad pass, switch with the defender’ and ‘bad pass, in you go’. Upon saying one of the 2 statements about 6 times I stopped myself and thought, the players are doing well and I should not be putting a negative spin on the session. I then proceeded to coach the reason why they were unsuccessful – good defending, passing angle could have been a bit stronger, a heavy first touch.

Coming away from the session I see that it is very easy to say things that can have a profound effect on the players you coach. I for one will be more mindful of the language I use.

So, with that in mind I challenge you to think before you speak. Be positive in your language and encourage your players to do the same.

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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