Think like your Players!

What makes you stand out as a coach? Are your sessions always fun? Do the players come away having learned something? Are they exhausted at the end of a training session? Cast your mind back to your favorite coach – what stood them apart from the rest?

We have a tremendous challenge to inspire young minds and develop soccer players. Pete Sturgess is the England Futsal National Team Head Coach and a National Development Manager and someone that is doing is a great job teaching a new wave of coaches in England to rise to that challenge.

Pete wrote a fantastic article about thinking like a child and focuses on the importance of play and enabling players to be creative. He makes an interesting point referring to his coaching sessions – “if I was in this activity would I want to play?” which seems so simple but totally makes sense. Would you want to take part in your session? Would you find it fun? Would you come away having worked on a particular skill? Would you have improved as a player? Keep asking yourself these questions as you plan your sessions!

The full article can be found by clicking the link below.

Coaching Children? Make it Memorable…Think Like a Kid!

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