Creating the Right Environment – Gameday!

It is quite easy to stand on the sidelines of games and come to the conclusion that youth soccer is ‘playstation for parents’. This refers to the constant screaming and controlling of the players parents during the games.

In the past, players have made it known that they don’t want to play on the side where the parents are due to their screaming and shouting. That is certainly not the right environment for a youth soccer player.

Youth soccer players love and respect their parents and so they have a conflict – listen to the (knowledgeable about soccer) coach, or listen to the person who provides for them and feeds them and gives them a roof over their head and transportation. It is difficult situation for all involved and needs to be handled in a professional manner.

A Solution

-“Silent Saturday” whereby for one game the parents aren’t allowed to say anything for the whole game. Just try it for one game, make it known the importance that the parents embrace it. You cannot come over as a dictator – you are trying to create an environment for the players to thrive in. Bring the players and parents together and ask questions of the players to compare that game experience with one where the parents were screaming and shouting. Hopefully they will reinforce your message that the screaming and shouting is not helping them and parents can modify their behavior.

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