In Depth Look at the World of Specialized Training

In Depth Look at the World of Specialized Training

An amazing read and a must for all. So many interesting concepts and ideas, and methodologies used in many different sports with a lot of cross over to soccer. Take the Williams sisters training by hitting tennis balls at traffic cones using baseball bats to focus the movement pattern onto such a small surface area. How does this translate to soccer? Well, challenge your players to juggle tennis balls – it is a difficult task and will encourage the players to fine tune their touch, plus it is something different so they should be motivated to be successful at it.

The the book also examines feedback methods and how the players handle it. You have to fail in order to succeed. You have to miss in order to understand the adjustments needed to be successful. You have to encourage your players to work hard in order for them to continue to work hard at their goals – constantly striving means moving forward – persistent success means you have reached a plateau. This book examines these theories and a whole lot more.

Click here , or on the book to get your hands on a copy.

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